Chris Highland was an Interfaith Chaplain in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty-five years. With a degree in Philosophy and Religion from Seattle Pacific University and a Master of Divinity degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary he was ordained as a Presbyterian Minister in 1987. He was a special education Instructor and Chaplain with adults for six years before serving as Chaplain for ten years with the Interfaith Jail Chaplaincy and another decade with the Interfaith Homeless Chaplaincy in Marin County, California. He was Parish Associate of St. Luke Presbyterian Church in San Rafael, California for ten years. For reasons of conscience he left his Christian ordination in 2001.


Chris has been an Instructor at the College of Marin and Cherry Hill Seminary. He is former adjunct faculty in the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley) and Dominican University in San Rafael. For six years he was the Manager of non-profit cooperative housing for seniors and for two years served as Director of the winter Emergency Shelter in Marin County.  He now gives public presentations, teaches and writes in North Carolina where his weekly column “Highland Views” appears in the Citizen-Times.


He is the author of twelve books, from Meditations of John Muir (2001) to Nature is Enough (2013).


From 2005 to 2008 he lived in a one-room cabin on Whidbey Island in his home state of Washington, where he completed two books, worked on an organic farm, cleared trails, served as a caretaker and then worked with at-risk youth. After living in the SF Bay Area for 35 years, Chris now lives in North Carolina with his wife Carol, a Presbyterian Minister and former Interfaith Director. His daughter Sharel has a Social Work degree from Northern Michigan University.


His other writings, photography and videos are featured on his home website.

All materials and photographs on this site are copyrighted by Chris Highland.


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